Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Further to the closing of said thread (see previous post) on Burleson's DBA forum, I am now banned from that forum and the two threads that I started were deleted much like Burleson's requested deletions of his mostly incorrect postings to c.d.o.s.

It's really sad that it's funny. Both Mike A and Don B are well-known in the Oracle community and have marketed themselves as the "gurus" for Oracle but unfortnately, their reputations were over-blown (IMMHO). Ah well, I can always browse the site from a different IP, assuming that the Cherry Sisters are willing. You might well ask "Why bother?". Well, I guessed it's for the entertainment value or as someone else put it, "it's like watching a train wreck, you are just fascinated by the sight." Thanks to David Aldridge, I'm now infamous as being another member banned by Burleson and have my own entry in his blog and also he started a new thread at dbasupport.


Used To Be Sami B. said...

It is always interesting to see what disappears next. Saw Jeff Hunter get banned, went back today to re-read the post that got him banned. Funny, the topic is there, DB's reply is there, but Jeff's posts are deleted. Hmmmmm, I remember another instance of stuff like this going on in World History.

Peter K said...

That's the thing isn't it? Happened on cdos where most of DKB's postings were deleted and the only glimpse that you get are when folks replied with bits and pieces quoted from DKB's posts.

Unfortunately I just found out that Robert G Freeman decided to delete one of my response to Don's claim that I was "Sami B" and that I am a coward.