Monday, May 02, 2005

Tax Returns & high costs of application upgrades

Whoo! Finally got all the family tax returns completed. I absolutely hate this time of the year as you spend so much time trying to navigate your way around tons of red tape and regulations just to ensure that (a) you have pay what you owe and (b) you have maximize all the savings necessary. I wish that the government will make it easy and just have a straight tax rate regardless. Think of the amount of time and effort spent by everyone. Time and effort that could be better utilized for better stuff (volunteering, family time, etc).

Our PeopleSoft HR upgrade went in successfully on the weekend (a whole week of migration/conversion) plus countless hours of testing prior. I don't even want to think of the actual costs for this project and vendors need to take responsibility for not making upgrades easier and more cost effective.

Now the focus is on the other upgrade projects. It's gonna be a long year of upgrades as we were in limbo for a while due to political "interferences" and could not do the upgrades previously and now we are playing catch-up which could be a blessing in disguise as we should benefit from the experiences of other organizations.

As part of my daily return, I've checked Tom Kyte's blog and as usual, interesting stuff and the latest is the need for us to ask "Why?" as a means of questioning and whether it would be considered rude to question posters as to why they would want to do some stuff. This is a result of Don Burleson's immature ranting on his forum when Dave Alderidge was questioning a poster as to their reasons and also to gather more insight as to the problem(s) facing the poster. Don B ranted at Dave A accusing him of being "rude and unproductive" (forum). Take the poll at Tom K's blog on whether you think it's rude to ask questions.

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