Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I've been censored by Robert Freeman

Robert Freeman, an Oracle consultant who works for Burleson Consulting has a blog and one of his topics was on evil people where he classified evil people posting as having the following three characteristics:

1. The posts were anonymous.
2. The posts were unkind and out of context.
3. The posts were presumptuous, at best.

I had responded by saying that that wasn't true as evil people could be well known like the Green River Killer from Seattle. Don Burleson responded by claiming that I cannot be trusted as I'm anonymous and have pretended to be "Sami B" and my moniker pretended to be "real names" but am actually a coward for hiding my identity and he bets that there is a really, really good reason why I would use a fake name.

I attempted to respond to Don's claims by saying that Peter is my first name and that my last name started with K and that I have not attempted to hide my identity and that he probably could id me if he wishes by browsing through my blog and infer from what has not been said as to maybe who I might be. Unfortunately Robert felt the need to delete that by claiming a new set of rules (as he has the right for it's his blog) to delete consecutive anonymous postings. His reasoning were as follows:

I have removed Peters comments. Peter's comments were in no way rude or off-color, but I've decided it was best to remove them.

It shall be the policy of this blog, where possible, to not allow consecutive anonymous posts on the same topic (thus, Peter is free to post one anonymous post on another of my blog topics, not this one). Any other posts should be topical to that post, and not reference another post or they will be removed. There is no first amendment right on my blog, this is the kingdom of Robert, benevolent King and ruler.

I have made my feelings clear with regards to anonymous posts, and I feel that while there might be occasions to warrant such posts, this is not the place.

It shall be the policy of this blog to remove any posts that contain personal insults, words that are in bad taste (defined by words I would not allow my 12 year old daughter hear, much less say) or anything inflammatory for the sake of inflammation. :-D

If one wishes to protect ones identity by being anonymous, thats fine and I respect that. However, please respect the anonymous post policy of my blog.


6:44 PM

So Don's claims stand alone on Robert's blog and I have no way of rebutting which is truely unfortunate. I guessed I could always post anonymously instead of posting under my Blogger id of PeterK after all, can Robert be able to differentiate "anonymous" poster 1 from "anonymous" poster 2? Or I could also try and rebut Robert's claim that he is not anonymous because he has used his full name plus he has his picture on the blog. Hmmm, can I do that as "Peter Kawasaki" and publish a picture of a Japanese fellow and be no longer anonymous??? You betcha! except that I might be accused of identity fraud.

Comments and yes anonymous comments are welcome but no profanities.


Used To Be Sami B. said...

You could also ask Robert why he felt it appropriate to let Don's comment stand, since it was obviously inflammatory in nature. But I bet you don't get a good answer ;-D.

Pete_S said...

The way in which Robert removed your post leaving Don's barb stand is completely outside the realms of normal justice.

PS - I am a bit puzzled how DK could confuse Peter K with Sami B - I have a feeling that you are on opposite sides of a continent.

Peter K said...

You and everyone else. I have no idea that Don had posted that comment on Robert's blog and was actually referred to it by another poster.

Here's my rebuttal before Robert deleted from his blog:

Don, am afraid that you are wrong on that count. I am not and never was "Sami B." My name is Peter and my last name starts with K, hence Peter K. You banned me from your forum because I ask about professional responsibility with regard to your article published on making fun of our IT user community (i.e. our clients). As we all know, IT is a partnership (at least it should be) between us and the business community and categorizing the user community into 4 unflattering groups do not help our cause of building a partner relationship. You can email me at the email address that I've registered with on or even on your forum. As usual, you have jumped to conclusions (more of a shoot first, ask questions later mentality) before you have enough facts. Am I anonymous? Partially because I do not like how much information can be gathered on a person (personal and otherwise). Like everything else, based on the information that I've published on my blog and inferred information and a little bit of research, I'm sure it's a simple matter of being able to ident me.

In fact, I could get all wired up about his assessment that I'm a coward by posting "anonymously". Robert, on the other hand, obviously has to ensure that he doesn't bite the hand that feeds him as deleting Don's post might be taken by DKB to be exactly that. So Don's comment with regard to my character will stand the way it is on Robert's blog (reproduced below):


Evil people are also frightened lurkers, afraid to reveal their true identity.

Take "Peter K." for example. Before we banned him for nasty behavior he was "Sami B.".

Both monikers imply a "real name" but only a coward hides their identity. I'll bet that there is a really, really good reason why "Peter K." is using a faked name.

3:46 PM

"Sami B.",
Yeah, I could ask Robert but what's the point. He has tried to be unbiased (according to his own code of ethics) but apparently could not bring himself to stand up to Don.

used to be Sami B. said...

Correct as usual, Peter_K. It would not do any good. I just don't get the logic there, y'know? You weren't "anonymous", Don's post was way more inflammatory, and yeah, ok, he works for Don but so what? Mikey deleted one of Don's posts from his own blog, Robert can too. ESPECIALLY if he has "principles".

Blog on Peter_K, you are part of an elite group - banned and dis'd by BC in the same week!

Used to be Sami B. said...


Yes, you are correct. Peter and I are at opposite ends of the same continent. At least, I think we are anyway. I always sucked at geography. ;-D