Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The ever-changing blog of DKB

Yesterday I wrote about Don Burleson going on a tear about the evil of Howard J Rogers and all those "Oracle database sicko's" who associates with him.

Well, Don's blog entry has undergone revisions and gone were references to Ted Bundy, evil people who are born outside of the US, telling HJR to go to hell, etc.

Fortunately HJR did save a copy of the original blog entry and can be found here.

This is really, really a sad case of someone who probably has a lot of baggage and kind of lost it for whatever reason when it came to dealing with HJR. Now the fact that Don has revised his blog entry either showed that someone had told him about the inappropriateness of the wording OR he has calmed down and realized the inappropriateness himself.

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