Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Censorship??? and IT responsibilities

I recently came across an article whilst browsing through DBAzine which was authored by Don K Burleson, User is a Four-Letter Word: Tales from the Trenches.

Now the article might have been a "light hearted" look at the world of IT clients ("end-users") and attempt to humourously categorise the IT clients in various categories (none of which are flattering). In my opinion, I think it a case of crass writing and irresponsible as the new approach is to build trust and relationship with IT clients, making it a partnership and colloborative relationship.

I then proceeded to start a new topic on Burleson's forum questioning the article (no personal attack on the author) but rather raised the concern that we as IT professionals has the responsibility to further our profession. Well, you can guess what happened next. Burleson's right hand crony, Mike Ault, decided that the topic wasn't suitable for their forum and closed the thread citing the fact that the forum's focus is on "technical" content and no attacks on Don B, him or anyone at Burleson Consulting.

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