Sunday, April 24, 2005


Friday came and went with the only issue that I have at work being a non-technical (people management) one. One of my employees decided to take the afternoon off and didn't notify me until 15mins before he took off and even then I was at lunch! The good thing was I had mentioned the need to be on-call during the weekend for our PeopleSoft upgrade when I had coffee with him otherwise he wouldn't have known to be on-call. The problem was that this wasn't the first time that he has done that without or with very short notification. I left him a note that he should at least provide 24 hours notification so that I can plan around his absence.

Otherwise, the weekend was very good and with the warm and sunny weather and quality family time, it couldn't have been better.

Hopefully, the new week will be good and allow me to get some critical stuff done before I am off for a two-month parental leave.

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