Friday, April 29, 2005


Yipee! Last day of work before a two-month hiatus but unfortunately I probably have to complete some stuff over the weekend. You see, our current data warehouse was set up in Oracle 8.1.6 and we are in the progress of upgrading to The user privileges and roles are a mess in the current version with most accounts being granted direct privileges (both system and object) which is a nightmare to maintain. I now have to review the current setup and propose a role-based setup to allow us to better manage accessibility and security in the new 9ir2 setup. A quick analysis done already tell me that not only the current setup was a mess but also most of the accounts have more sys privileges than necessary.

On a separate note, in Oracle-land, I follow the feeds of various Oracle blogs at as the site provides a quick overview of what's new on some of the more popular Oracle blogs. If you have not follow the spat between Burleson Consulting and the various others experts (Kyte, Lewis, Rogers, etc), then you probably wouldn't follow what I am able to post.

Don Burleson decided, after not being able to b.s. his way out of the deep hole that he dug himself, set up a series of Code of Conduct for his consultants, including banning them from participating in any forums which allows anonymous postings, not releasing sample data (even though the data could be 'sanitized') to back up any assertment of technical solution, dress code, etc. My assessment is that Burleson could have gotten himself out of the mess in the beginning if he has basically accepted the fact that his articles have incorrect information and to correct and republish giving credit to those who pointed out those mistakes but instead he turned around and accuse those of trying to help as "trouble-makers" and attempted to get them blacklisted. All we have to do is take a look at one of his recent articles and I'm sure you can find at least one glaring error or even look at his DBA Forum and you can see some of the errors. E.g. one poster asked about separating date and time into two fields and Burleson replied with SQL code that errored and his excuse was that he was in a hotel and has no access to an Oracle database instance to test his 'suggested SQL statements'.

It's too bad that he is still able to present at various Oracle conferences. I wish that the technical committee would actually review the materials and request that the presenters correct any non-factual information so as to avoid mis-information after all the attendees paid good money to get good information and advice.

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