Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Dress code and Oracle Net Services

Apparently my employee wasn't too happy with my voice message regarding his dress code at work. He spoke to my manager saying that he felt that he was being singled out and demanded to see the company policy on dress code. Hey, I am casual guy but shorts to work is probably not the best choice and neither is open-toe sandals (someone did that).

Our Data Warehouse group encountered a strange problem today. They were trying to access one of our databases via Cognos BI tools on a web browser which goes through a web server (IIS on W2K) and then onto the appl server (running W2003) which then goes directly to the db server. That's the idea but it was no go for a couple of our databases on W2K servers returning a TNS-12640 error. Accessing databases on our Unix servers were okay. This got us scratching our heads as to what's wrong with the databases on the W2K servers. Well, Oracle Net Services is installed on the appl server and logging in directly to that server and using SQL*Plus or TOAD to access the W2K databases went without a hitch. So, the databases are okay and verified by access from other parts of the network. A similar setup but with the appl server on W2K works great without any errors. This seems to indicate that it might be a W2003 compatibility issue and that will be a focus tomorrow as we try to pinpoint the actual problem.

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