Thursday, April 21, 2005

Another day

Another beautiful, warm and sunny day in Vancouver. Days like this is when you feel like you should be playing hooky from work/school. Unfortunately real life demands that you be responsible and do the right thing.

Got in and started prioritizing the day's work including delegating meetings/tasks to my team. Started looking at the SQL*Net issue described in my previous post. It seems that the tnsping was unable to open a socket connection. Went over to the security group and look through their firewall log and no sign of any packets hitting the firewall from the virtual server in question. Really, really strange. Did a couple more tests, this time using the IP address of the host machine and same results. The Security Officer told me that they added a new rule to the firewall but did not think that it would impact access to the database. After some detailed checking, the Security Officer realized that he had been working on a firewall rule that wasn't complete but was applied when he added the new rule. Undoing this half-completed rule seems to solve the issue. We were able to tnsping, connect to the database (and other databases) with nary an error message. Phew! Goes to show you that when things stop working because there has been a change, it's time to take a closer look at that change. In fact, the change should not have been applied without prior testing. Huh, a great lesson here.

I've also been getting calls from the Oracle account representative (more like team as they seems to have a number of folks involved). It's driving me nuts as each of them asked the same questions and wanted an overview of our Oracle environment and how we are using the technologies and what we are planning for the future. It's just incredible!! I had two folks out of Toronto, two from the local office and another two from the US (mind you, these two were following up regarding Oracle OpenWorld). That's just the database and application server guys. Wait 'till we get Oracle Appls into the organization! I will have Oracle sales coming out of the yin-yang!!

Anyhow, a couple of things on my list includes implementing Oracle Enterprise Manager utilizing OMS as well planning to migrate our Oracle Names to OID. Hopefully, the OEM implementation will be straightforward although with the various versions that we currently have, we will probably ended up with two versions of OEM (one to deal with 9i and 8i and the other to deal with v7). When I am ready, I will post the details on here.

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